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Racquetball is a great way to work out and have fun with your friends. Before gearing up and getting on one of our 3 Racquetball Courts, it is important to learn the rules of the game as well as technique, strategy, safety and proper attire and gear. Lessons are the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of this sport which will only make you enjoy racquetball even more.


Racquetball is a great way to burn fat, tone the entire body, and enhance flexibility. Whether you’re just getting started in a fitness routine or are an experienced athlete, here are reasons why you should play racquetball:

#1: Excellent Overall Workout
For the average 178-pount man, one hour of casual racquetball burns about 565 calories; that’s more than double the calories burned in an hour of weightlifting! Playing racquetball build hand-eye coordination while toning your entire body and enhancing your flexibility.

#2: Muscle Confusion
Muscles have memory, and once they master a movement, the workout benefits begin to decrease slightly. Trainers constantly change-up their exercise routines to counter this effect. Racquetball forces you to think and react to a ball that bounces in an infinite number of possibilities. You’ll burn more calories as your body and mind work together.

#3: Easy To Learn
The rules of the game are pretty simple: Hit the ball to the front wall without it touching the floor. Then work up to a rally. Once you can rally, you and your partner(s) can start keeping score.

Keeping score is easy as well. You can only win points when you serve. So if you serve and win the rally, you get one point. If you serve and lose the rally, your opponent then serves. A full game plays first to 15 points. A match is the best two out of three games, and a tiebreaker game is played to 11 points. Etiquette can be learned by speaking or playing with experienced players.

#4: Inexpensive Equipment
Necessary racquetball equipment includes safety glasses, proper shoes, a racquet, and usually a glove for the hand that holds your racquet. Safety glasses and gloves are fairly inexpensive, about $30 combined. Beginners can get a starter racquet for as little as $10. Be sure to get one with a tether to help keep your racquet attached to you and not in your opponent’s face.

#5: A Social Game
Racquetball is a social game that can be played with up to four people. You’re not going to be playing alone so you’re likely to meet a lot of energetic and outgoing people just like yourself. You’ll grow your circle of friends while improving your racquetball skills.

#6: Continual Education and Skill Improvement
Racquetball is not easily mastered. Beginners should take a series of lessons before getting onto the court with experienced players, mostly to alleviate the frustration of your opponents and yourself. Supplement your racquetball play with videos that demonstrate advanced play, training tips or drills.

#7: Cardiovascular Benefits
The benefits of a good cardiovascular workout cannot be overstated. You’ll feel better, sleep better, and be more alert and productive. However, please consult your physician about your current physical condition before playing racquetball or any strenuous sport.